Akiko Thomson Guevara
Olympic swimmer, Wife & Mother of Two

As a working mom, I hardly have time for myself. I’m usually rushing to work or spend a few extra minutes with my kids. I always felt impatient about having to spend time in front of the mirror. That’s why the On-the-Glow Skin Perfector is just what I need. In a single step, it repairs, renews and brightens my skin. Since it has SPF35, it also protects my skin from the sun. It made my face look fresh and smooth, even without make-up on!

My kids are also loving the In the Fresh Whitening Body Soap. Shower time used to be a tedious task for them. But because of the soap’s grapefruit scent and rich lather, shower time is now fun time. My boys always step out of the shower shouting out, “it’s soooo refreshing!”   And since it is made from all-natural ingredients, it safe for them.

 Mara Boquiren
Entrepreneur & Vegetarian

My favourite product is the Vitamin Sea Healing Toner, which significantly reduced my zits – a problem that has plagued me since high school. Combined with healthy eating, it eventually cleared my skin and helped me achieve an overall glow that I’m very delighted with.

 Timi Gomez-Aquino
Marketing Executive, Wife & Mother 

Maintaining beautiful skin requires a daily commitment, which is difficult to keep especially with our busy lifestyles. That’s why I’m so happy to discover the brilliant! cleanse-tone-moisturize (CTM) regimen. In just three easy steps, I am able to keep my skin healthy and younger-looking.

Gio Tantoco
Student & Vlogger

I’m a very fun-loving and outgoing person. I am always out under the sun, so I always need to put on sunblock to prevent my skin from burning. One time, I forgot to bring one so I was forced to borrow from a friend who introduced me to the brilliant! Sunshine Shield Day Lotion. I swear, I would have never dared to use the product – for one, it’s a day lotion (what kind of guy uses a “day lotion”?!?) What’s worse, it’s pink – inside out!

Out of necessity, I used the day lotion and I didn’t get burned! There was no stinginess on the ears and no redness on my cheeks. What’s great about it, it was easily absorbed by my skin and did not leave any sticky feeling. The Sunshine Shield Day Lotion saved the day! Now I can testify that real men wear pink. ;)

 Yen Yen Chan
Lawyer & Mother

I always had difficulty finding the right skin care regimen for me. Some were too expensive and I was unsure of the chemicals in it. While store-bought ones were easily available, but would make my skin itch or clog my pores.

The brilliant! cleanse-tone-moisturize (CTM) regimen is just what I need. It is simple enough that I could stick to it and do it in a breeze! Also, I know exactly what’s in the products and the effective natural ingredients make me feel good about using it. Lastly, it is very convenient to restock once I run out. I just go online and with just a few clicks, I can expect the products the following day.

Crissy Castillo

I love the brilliant! come clean skin cleanser, because it pretty much replaces my make-up remover. I use it to take off all my make-up while I’m in the shower. I don’t have to use much of the make-up remover anymore because the come clean skin cleanser has already taken away most of the residue from my face.


Danica Ann Romero

Traveling makes my skin dull and dry. Good thing I discovered brilliant! moonshine booster. It works double-time to bring back the moisture in my skin as I sleep. So when I wake up, my skin is smooth and soft again

Voltaire Tayag

I’m a creature of habit. I’ve been using a popular skincare brand for almost 15 years. Once day, I forgot my toiletry bag and was forced to borrow a friend’s facial wash. The Brilliant! Come Clean Skin Cleanser smelled amazing. The feeling of freshness and a firmer, tighter skin was immediate. I couldn’t believe it. So I tried the Vitamin Sea Healing Toner and On-the-Glow Skin Perfector with SPF35. It went on smoothly with a matte finish. My face looked fresh and skin smooth. At almost half the price of my old brand, making that switch was easy. With the entire Brilliant  line, my skin has never looked better.


Tricia Canapi-Monsod

I started using the Brilliant Skin Cleanser, Toner and Skin Perfector in October 2014. I was so excited to try them as I have been looking for personal care products that are all natural. I have Autoimmune Neuromuscular Disease called Myasthenia Gravis and I found out that it would be best for me to use products that are natural. This was of course a challenge as the ones that are available in the market are so expensive and some claim to be all natural but the ingredients still have harmful chemicals.

At first, I just wanted to use it because a friend said that it’s great. Now I am hooked!!! I use all three every time I have to wash my face. And when I don’t, my skin feels very tight and dry. I also noticed that after using it, I became confident not to use any foundation anymore!

I noticed that under the eye circles have lightened and my skin is glowing even without any make-up on, even when exposed to the natural elements of sun, wind and air!

It is great to find a brand that provides premium ingredients, value for money and ensures the confidence of looking better every day.


Loida Escobar

I have been dealing with dry skin since I was a teenager. My high school friends had supple, fair skin which I silently envied. As I grow up, I tried many skincare products to get a whiter complexion, but to no avail. As I grow older, I noticed that I started to have uneven skin tone. I used pressed powder to cover the imperfections but that just made my skin drier. Until I found the Brilliant! Smart Skincare products. After using the Healing Toner  and  Skin Perfector for over a month, my skin became fairer, smoother and moisturized. I can now go out putting just my favorite lipstick and my Brilliant Skin Perfector. I love the Brilliant! Smart Skincare Products!


Princess Tambo

Limitless Possibilities  gave me so much to be thankful for! Not only in terms of having beautiful skins, but also financially!!! But more importantly, it brought me out of my shell! I am now able to reach out to people and help them through Limitless without hesitations. I am confident to share with them my secret to a healthier skin and financial security. Thanks to Limitless!!!!


Munera Garcia

I’m 27 years young, but sadly I always look tired even when I am not! Maybe it’s the long hours of work, or the stressful traffic and pollution outside.

A friend of my mine introduced me to the Brilliant! Smart Skincare Line. I have only been using the Healing Toner and Skin Perfector for a few weeks now and I find them amazing! The products feel so light on my face and make me feel younger than ever! Every time I apply them, my skin feels nourished. The products are so easy to use and give amazing results. I highly recommend them!