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Collection: Sikan Jump Ropes

Limitless PH is proud to be an official seller of Sikan PVC Jump Ropes, also from Pampanga.
Jump into fitness with amazing cardio workout thru these colorful and high quality Jump Ropes!
Make cardio fun, learn tricks, footworks, and improve your hand and body coordination.

Sikan High Quality PVC Jump Ropes
Rope Length: 10ft (Adjustable)
Rope Thickness: 5mm
For Beginners, Pros, and Kids of all Ages
Great for Speed Tricks, Double-Unders, and Footworks
Colors: Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, Aqua, Red, Bougainvillea, Violet, Blue, Black
Limited Edition: The Limitless LIME (NEW), White, Orange 2.0, Mix Colorway

➕Durable Ergonomic Handles
➕Tangle & Kink Free
➕Easily Adjustable Length
➕Fun Colors

Key Benefits:
✔️Efficient Cardio
✔️Total-Body Strengthening
✔️Increases Agility
✔️Improves Mind & Body Coordination
✔️Enhances Body Balance
💛Fun Workout!