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Samson [Satin Light]
Samson [Satin Light]
Samson [Satin Light]
Samson [Satin Light]
Samson [Satin Light]

Samson [Satin Light]

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The Samson from the Limitless MuscleFlex gym wear are made from high-quality ultra-lightweight 85/15 polyester-elastane blend. This piece was crafted with materials that move with you during your workout. Soft, silky feel but durable, this shirt was designed to follow the contour of the bodybuilder's body.

Highlight your muscular progress with this high-performance gym wear that encapsulates your form while keeping you dry and in your best shape. Perfect to style with your slim fit joggers or men's tights, you can make every single time YOUR SHOWTIME.

Defy Your Limits. Be Limitless.

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Style: Muscle Fit, Soft & Stretchy Round Neck Gym Shirt
Material: 85/15 Polyester-Elastane Lightweight Blend


  • Aesthetic Fit
  • Ultra-Lightweight Fabric Blend
  • Stretchable & Soft Feel
  • Moisture-Wicking Technology

Shirt Color: Oat Color 
Print Color/s: Black 
Sizing [Asian]

Inches Chest Length
20.5 26

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Samson [Satin Light]
Samson [Satin Light]
Samson [Satin Light]